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Title: Warden - Helping Drupal Agencies Sleep at Night

Do you currently have a large number of sites, hosted with multiple hosting companies that you need to keep track of? Do you have sites that you may be in need to security updates but you haven’t had time to investigate? Do you wish there was a central dashboard reporting which sites needed security updates applied?

If any of these questions resonate with you then this talk is for you!

Keeping your sites up to date with the latest security releases is very important in this modern climate. However, it can be quite time consuming checking each of your sites each time a security update is released to see if they need security updates applied.

In this session I will be talking about Warden - our open source system which helps to manage your sites security. I will be demoing how it works and how easy it is to see which sites need security updates, saving your team time and focusing them on the work that they need to do.

I will also be discussing best practice for site security and the importance of making sure that all your developers are aware of it.