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Tech-x and the City: An insight into computation in finance

Oliver Fritz

with Oliver Fritz

Technology has rapidly become integral to the world of finance, with it being a mainstay in most every aspect. This talk will give an outline of the most interesting facets of computational finance, such as algorithmic and high-frequency trading, and focus on my research into the effect of news sentiments on financial markets.

A journey into functional programming

Sam Tracey

with Sam Tracey

Functional programming offers a very different approach to writing code. Seasoned programmers have reported that learning its techniques has made them feel like beginners. And yet more and more people are taking the plunge to make it part of their skill set, more employers are demanding it as a skill, and many are saying that learning it has brought joy to their coding lives.

How good is your API?

Caroline Clark

with Caroline Clark

The integrations team at Holiday Extras works extensively with third party APIs. To help us assess their quality we’ve developed a tool, and during this talk will walk you through a live demonstration of how to use it, taking our own API as the use case.

APIs 2.0

Tom Vance

with Tom Vance

When building and delivering front end applications (web apps, mobile apps) the last thing we want to worry about is building and hosting a supporting API. Introducing the solutions to your problems, Google Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda.

Remotely Interesting

Chrissy Garnett

with Chrissy Garnett

This is a case study from Holiday Extras on our Bulgarian and UK remote teams over the last 18 months.

Warden - Helping Drupal Agencies Sleep at Night

Mike Davis

with Mike Davis

Do you currently have a large number of sites, hosted with multiple hosting companies that you need to keep track of? Do you have sites that you may be in need to security updates but you haven’t had time to investigate? Do you wish there was a central dashboard reporting which sites needed security updates applied?

Future Folkestone

Struan Bartlett

with Struan Bartlett

Tech entrepreneur Struan Bartlett (Founder & CEO of and Alastair Upton (CEO of the Creative Foundation) are leading a project to develop Folkestone as a literal code harbour: a ‘createch’ hub. What does this mean and what does it look like? Why Folkestone, and what are its USPs? Struan and Alastair will present what they know, and then chair an opportunity for the codeHarbour Meetup to fill in the gaps and help shape this vision of the town’s future, to make sure it’s fit for everyone’s needs.

Gamification in the Real World

Stuart Stobie

with Stuart Stobie

Gamification. Just a buzzword? Or is it a silver bullet for businesses in the 21st century? Unsurprisingly it’s neither. Gamification aims to make the tedious entertaining but making anything fun is not as simple as it sounds. In this talk we’ll take a look at the misconceptions surrounding gamification, the fascinating psychology behind it and the lessons we really should be learning from the games that inspire it.

Making Monoliths Modular

Damian Casey

with Damian Casey

Many companies face the challenge of working with monolithic systems and over time they build up years of tech debt and become difficult to work with. I’d like to give some examples from my experience of how taking a modular approach can improve the developer experience

Automate Awesomeness with Ansible

Edmond Lepedus

with Edmond Lepedus

Edmond is going to discuss how to use Ansible for automating best practices which would otherwise be far too time-consuming and error prone.

Accessibility = Money

Carlos Eriksson

with Carlos Eriksson

Where Carlos Eriksson make a business case for accessibility, and reveal the real cost of ignoring it.

Checking & Exploring: Testing in Agile Projects

Matt Obee

with Matt Obee

Software testing has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Firstly, many of us have abandoned the QA title and distanced ourselves from the idea that we are the sole gatekeepers of quality. Secondly, as we all migrate from waterfall to Agile, the focus of our work has also changed, from rudimentary checking to intelligent exploration and experimentation. At the same time, we recognise the value that automation can bring to our work.

Get more from Git/GitHub

Zach Holman

with Zach Holman

Git is a really powerful tool. A lot of that power is deeply hidden, and for good reason: it may only be valuable in certain use cases. You may not run into those use cases very often, but when you do, these lesser-known features might save you literally seconds of time.

Building in ES6 with jspm and SystemJS

Jack Franklin

with Jack Franklin

In this talk I’ll demonstrate how it is possible to architect and write complex client side JavaScript applications in ECMAScript 6 today, despite a lack of implementations across browsers.

Best viewed with...

Adam Onishi

with Adam Onishi

Are we doomed to see history repeat itself? Is our fascination with new tools going to break the inherent robustness of the web we know? Or, can these new tools help us progressively enhance the web even further than we are able to now?