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codeHarbour is a technology meetup group in Kent. Every month we meet to share ideas, stories and techniques around design, development, process, community and much more, covering all aspects of technology.

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Talks will resume after lockdown. See you all soon :)


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Why I F*cking Hate Email (and so should you)

Aaron Taylor

with Aaron Taylor

Email is the devil. In this talk I'll show you in excruciating detail how pretty much all of the modern problems we face in society can find their causes in email. I will present sociological, anthropological, ecological, economical, historical psychological, biological and theological evidence to prove it was in fact invented by Cthullu in collaboration with the Eye of Sauron. I hate it, and so should you.
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DevOps: Applied Systems Thinking

Duncan Lawie

with Duncan Lawie

DevOps may have reached the buzzword phase but it is more than that. This talk covers the core concepts and shares some examples of how DevOps enables IT to be a successful partner in business strategy.
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Alex Cachia | AlexCachia5

Alex Cachia

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